Public announcement of the RPHF-2013 Summon

Summon of the Second round of Rojane International Photography festival has been made public.


The International “Rojane Photography Festival” with the ultimate aim of providing an artistic infrastructure for visualizing subjective concepts commenced its second year of activity with the general theme of “Water”.

This international festival attempts to provide an artistic opportunity for photographers from various nationalities to approach the announced theme, Water.

According to the RPHF-2013 published summon, just like its very first round in 2012, this festival is going to be executed in two divisions. The subject of the main division is “Water” and within the special division, photos with the subject of “Water Management” will be accepted. As the title implies, the only photos accepted will be those about pumping, controlling, boosting… water in household, industrial, agricultural and purification usages.

RPHF-2013 summon refrained from providing any further explanations about its selected theme of “Water” in order to emancipate photographers from any bias.

Executers of this round of RPHF have announced that in the main division, each of the top 8 elected photographers will receive RPHF Award, Festival Trophy, and Euro 500, while each of the top 3 elected photographers in the special division receives RPHF Award, Festival Trophy, and Euro 500.

The elected photos are to be printed in the official book of RPHF 2013, as well as exhibited in the RPHF-2013 by the name of their photographers.Elected photographers will be granted the “Participation Award” and RPHF-2013 book.

 A fee of Euro 25 will be paid in exchange of display and print of each elected photo during the various stages of RPHF 2013.

Rakhshan Banietemad, Michel Setboun, Seyf Allah Samadian, Mahmoud Kalari,Majid Saeedi are going to be the honored jury of RPHF-2013.

Every enthusiastic and innovative photographer is welcome to participate at this festival and no boundary is set about choosing the genres and techniques. According to the RPHF rules, each person can submit 10 photos to the general division and 5 photos to the special division.

Interested photographers are asked to open a user account at the official website of RPHF, accessible from The size of submitted photos to this website must not exceed 500 Kb.

06 July 2013 is announced to be the final date of photo subscription, and RPHF-2013 inauguration ceremony will be held on August 23rd 2013 at the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter exhibition halls of Iran Artist’s House. This exhibition shall remain accessible for visit until 30th August 2013.  

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Developed By : Avaye Hamrah